Welcome to the First African Summer School on Optics and Applications to Sustainable Development (ASOSD).

This school is organized by the Optical Society of Tunisia under the cosponsorship and endorsement of the ICO, ICTP, OSA, SPIE, LAM Network, NANOAFNET and ALC.

The summer school will take place at Carthage Hannibal, Tunis from 31 August to 08 September 2013.

The summer school is intended to be the first of a series of schools/workshops that are going to be organised periodically by universities in African countries, in order to provide education and training for advanced graduate students, and postdocs faculty who would like to acquire sufficient knowledge to begin having an impact in research areas based on optics, laser science and technology.

The motivation of the organisation of the meeting is to highlight the importance of optics, its scientific study, its role in culture and art, and the application of light-based technologies for global development. Light is at the origin of all life, it plays a central role in human activities, and has revolutionized society through medicine and communications, entertainment and culture. As light becomes a key cross-cutting discipline of science in the 21st century, it is essential that its importance is fully appreciated. It is equally vital that the brightest young minds from all areas of the world continue to be attracted to careers in this field.


Different topics will be covered by the summer school:1. Optical communications, optical fibers and lasers;

2. Industrial applications and laser material processing;

3. Optics and environment;

4. Biophotonics, biomedical applications and optical diagnosis techniques;

5. Optics and energy;

6. Theoretical methods and experimental techniques.


 call for application


Who should attend ?

The ASOSD school lectures cover areas ranging from basic research to applied technology and therefore MSc, Ph.D students, post docs and industrial are encouraged to attend this summer school.

All qualified attendees are encouraged to apply and submit their works (extended abstracts) via Registration. The program will contain participant’s oral and poster presentations. The expected number of participants is 50.

All abstracts must be submitted in English. English is the official language of the summer school.




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